Sunday, June 7, 2009

Elizabethan Storm Trooper; Revisted

I have been stressing over the Gareth Pugh SS09 shoes since February when they first stomped down the runway. Seven got them in, and since I work there, I had to deal with them being in my presence everyday. I could only handle it for two days, and I freaked out and bought them. They are probably the most amazing shoes that have graced my feet. They are simple and minimal in design, but have such a strong impact. Their minimalism is only dwarfed by their agressiveness and they are the summer sandal purchase of all summer sandal purchases. I'm really excited to break out of the dull colors that I have been wearing with them and wear them with pastels. It will look soooooo goooood. I was at the photo shoot for SEVEN for their new Gareth stuff and the black/white leggings do look amazing with them in person, but I want to explore new ways to wear them besides the way they were worn in the show. Yes, it was an amazing look, but these shoes have the potential to be worn in so many other conceptual ways.
I am wearing them with American Apparel tights that I slashed myself (inspired by Gareth's AW09 collection, Jeremy Scott Crop top, and my nasty curly bed head from being in bed all day (dreaming of my new shoes)


Amanda said...

i would have caved in too. they are one of my top fave shoes everrrrr

yves said...

one coveted shoe this eason. and u have them! f-f-f-f-fierce! real strong hip!

hope u dont mind me featuring this look on my next TREND post ;)

much love

MANFOX said...

amazing, soo jealous

Inspiration Archery said...

u bitch
i am just so jealous u have the money to buy those
i would have to mug gareth myself to afford them lol please continue to wear them everyday
just for me

william said...

SO excited to see you wear these this fall!

& I think I love that Jeremy Scott shirt more every time you wear it, too.

Chels said...


David said...

omg amazinnng!!

Helen said...

Insanely amazing shoes - I was so blown away by them on the runway, so excited to see someone rocking them in real life. This is perfection!

Heavy Metal Fashion said...

the shoes are spectacular on you!!

Very awesome!


Anonymous said...