Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Elisa from Style Like U asked me to a. choose a piece that I thought was classic (I was about to choose crop top or hot shorts, but I contained myself) and that item in a different context. I wanted to choose something that I don't normally wear and that I would have a hard time styling. The flannel shirt (which is my friend April's) is a sort of anti-fashion symbol which is a sort of mirror to my sentiments about fashion and style. I've been moving away from my all black ways and into a more accurate (trailer) trashy style. Grimy, dirty and mAgIcAL
Worn with KTZ Devil Tarot top, swat team boots.
Worn with KTZ pentagram FaNtAsY top, coyote pelt, Marjan Pejowski spider web mesh leggings, swat team boots
Worn with house of holland crop top, mark fast underwear, mark fast for topshop skirt, Creepers