Monday, June 28, 2010

disce mori

threads 2-1I'm finally getting around to posting the photoshoot that I collaborated with THREADS magazine and my friend/photographer Khrystyna Chekhlata. The editors asked me to contribute something, so I gathered up all of my pagan things and went to a deserted Jewish cemetary in Queens. The shoot was sort my way of expressing my leaning toward a more disheveled, less put together, less 'clean', less 'fashion' look. The shoot itself is entitled 'conjunction', a step in alchemy where the soul and body are conjoined, and it deals with fusion of opposites, death, rebirth, becoming one, etc. I don't want to dive too much into it- it's beter left to be analyzed on your own accord.. The Glenda the good witch outfit (white look) is this dress I found at Beacon's ( I don't really ever wear it unless its for a shoot), coyote pelt, and a necklace with weave, pearls, antler, string, and a freeze dried mouse that I compiled at the cemetary right before, and the wicked witch (black) look is a mongolian lamb fur pelt, Gareth Pugh fringe cardigan, and black 1to3 leggings with the DIY necklace... and a hair net worn as a mask.. I've also included a couple of the contact sheets that didn't make the magazine, but are still really beautiful. Khrystyna is fucking amazing..36676_400333046510_507936510_4786143_4741761_n36676_400333056510_507936510_4786145_2742651_n36676_400333051510_507936510_4786144_2781322_n36676_400333741510_507936510_4786185_6067743_nPicture 16Picture 55 ( was shown a really funny site called god hates goths))36676_400333746510_507936510_4786186_3610955_n36676_400333761510_507936510_4786187_1443615_nPicture 9Picture 31elizabeth_contact1004elizabeth_contact010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

4 DAT good.

Alright SO I kind of quit my blog, in case you were wondering. i've been a bit busy, and to be honest everyone has really been ruining fashion for me. You know when you like something so much and then everyone else figures it out and really fucks it up and doesn't make it special anymore? Reading fashion blogs has become more and more looking at tragedies with a credit card... I really don't want to be associated with 'fashion blogging' It's become a bit of a dark comedy. I'm trying to work things out though.. ANYWAY. Happy that Leopard Milkshake snapped me outside of Balthazaar in my summer look. Holes by me (shirts) and Mark Fast (hot shorts), and Creepers with thigh highs and grey hairrr. Trying to look more and more like a rag-a-muffin, really. I just recently started wearing my Miu Miu status symbol again to balance things out. Speaking of $tatus symbols the other half of my summer look is Nuvo. I think my summer look is really just about not taking fashion or myself too seriously... Photo 110 Also, you should come to Home Sweet Home tonight in LES, I'm hosting- BOTTLE $ERVICE at 12....