Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sorry, for the lack of posts- I think I should start making it my opening statement on all posts. I've been moving into a new apartment, and going through a sort of quarter life crisis.
Super flattered to be chosen to contribute to the Uniform Project- if you don't know about it you should click away. It's a super good cause, where in an effort to raise money for the benefit of children in India living in slums- Sheena wore the same black dress for a year styled in different ways. I couldn't even imagine wearing the same dress everyday- I guess it would make for an easy early morning wardrobe choice- so I am really impressed that she went through with it. She's selling the dress and asked a few people to style it in their own way.

Worn with Gareth Pugh cardigan, Raphael Young shoes, and this necklace that my friend Jamie made for me and blue lipstick

Worn with KTZ dress, Raphael Young shoes, Twenty Ten make-out guard

More posts sooooonish.
You can buy the dress here