Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh yeah, and by the way

Joe let me tag along to the Gareth Pugh dinner in NY a few weeks ago, and I got to talk to the almighty...


JJ, me, "the one", and Joe

Not to mention me and JJ had bloody tasting mouths from all of the raw beef we ate, I think it was intentional..

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Christian Joy's hand-me downs are the best because it gives me new things to destroy and they are usually really cool to begin with. I took the bottom seams out of this over sized tuxedo shirt, initially to get a good fray going, but the hanging string were begging for manipulatio. I can't fathom all of the ways that I can wear this- especially after a long week of class, but the main concept that needed to be explored today was the placement of the strings to determine the direction of the drapes. Its the next obvious step in my obsession with straps and negative space.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

sepher sephiroth

My new Kirkwoods, are very scary. It's a bit like having two animals on your feet, in fact the apartment cat goes a little wild when I walk around in them. The metal sculptural heel adds a very industrial feel to contrast the untamed goat hair- and it all ties into the twentyten dress that the designers/friends Nina, Jeff, and David so graciously let me wear before their show, which similar to the Kirkwood shoes is an accumulation of contrasts of the industrial and natural like.


IMG_4403 via the Cobrasnake.

the twentyten collection two images of deliciousness via homo-neurotic.com
the outfit I wore-conjuring up the coral goddess

Saturday, September 5, 2009

brash and vulgar

Thankfully, DJing was a success. I also got a large amount of free alcohol, which is always a good thing My friend Jam ( see my header picture and previous posts to make the connection of who she is) finally moved to NYC and we are a bit out of control. I'm obsessed with her style, and thankfully she isn't stuck in the darkest of dark witchy fashion like I am; her outfits are always a colorful flow of creative thought. The other DJ, Zoe is CRAZY amazing and her outfits are a different level of fashion (crushed purple velvet pantsuits worn to a house party for example) which I myself am too afraid to venture into.



Thursday, September 3, 2009


I'm real sorry about photobucket's fuck up , I don't really have the money or time to fix it. It should be okay in a month or so.
And also, if you are in the Lower East Side after 10 or so you should drop by and enjoy the cosmic music that I will be DJing tonight at Arrow Bar. MMmm.

Picture 19

School started and it sucks. (FYI)