Saturday, October 25, 2008

My Girl Crush

I've liked Crystal Castles for a while now. I went to their concert in Denton, Texas back in February and I saw the duo in New York a few days ago and I have sort of fell in love with Alice Glass and her style. It's not super crazy cool or anything, but its the effortlessness paired with the contrast of her high intensity music that is really appealing. Her performance style of creeping and crawling across the stage and giving the creepiest of stares when the strobe is going is enough inspiration.

So I picked out some things for her:

Surface To Air by Justice leather jacket, Rick Owens drkshdw hoodie at Oak, Orphan black jersey jodhpur at Pixie Marketand Maison Martin Margiela L'INCOGNITO sunglasses

Complex Geometries

Complex Geometries founder Clayton Evans from Montreal knows a few things about not watering down conceptualism for wearability. They use rectangular and non-organic shapes to create clothing that in turn creates new shapes and silhouttes on the human form. What I especially like about this collection is the many different ways that you manipulate each piece into your outfit. I recently purchased a Complex Geometrics dress and it has a certain layerability and yet I can wear it on its on and I don't feel like I am wearing just a simple outfit. (I.e. complex). The current collection is available at Oak for a reasonable price and if you can find something thats not sold out, on the Complex Geometries website.

Complex Geometries Dress, American Apparel tights, Justin Roper boots, Nasty Gal Vintage Sunglasses

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm sorry if he hits you with a full can of coke

Ulrika Sandstrom AW08 Dear Catastrophe Waitress collection. Styleserver. Save a picnic blanket/ apron style/ hamburger wrapping paper skirt for me please.
Ulrika Sandstrom, a Stolkholm designer, possesses a talent for balancing intelligence and wit in her designs. If I get it, I plan to wear the Swindon ruffle skirt with some platforms and my Jeremy Scott tire tread crop top. Trashy delicious.

Taxidermy tastic.

My friend Will turned me onto Julia Deville and her collection Disce Mori (learn to die). Old news to most. I am always into the disgusting and I have a bit of a crush on Taxidermy, so when I heard that there was a jewelry collection that incorporated already dead animals, I fell in love. Sort of animal friendly? The pieces represent a sort of grotesque obsession with accepting death and the celebration of such. These pieces would go well with lots of black textured layered mess of an outfit or they would go well mixed in with lots of junk trinkets . But good luck finding these pieces as they are only sold in New Zealand, Australia, and France and most of the more conceptual pieces are on exhibition. 

Defeating the About Me Section

My terrible luck, in combination with my lack of persistence the About Me section didn't work out.  So I am going to post it now:

I am a Prattster and I am studying fashion design. I am not really into it because New York fashion is more so based on commercialism as opposed to design(this is the message I am getting from Pratt at least) I am not really into American fashion anyway because I am not at all laid back. I have a bitter case of obsessive compulsive disorder and this comes through in my eye for detail and up tightness when it comes to fashion. I sort of dread getting dressed because I spend such a long time adjusting things such as the number of buttons buttoned. I absolutely hate America's constant need to be like everyone else. Move on. I know everyone will always be in a genre. Even if you are trying hard not to be in a genre you are in a genre. But I think that everyone can have their own style in some way. Dressing in Urban Outfitters and American Apparel, head to toe everyday can get old, no? Sun tanning and bleached hair must get old too?

I used to live in Amarillo, Texas, which is this absurdly isolated small town in the Bible Belt. I can't bash it to hell completely; it gave me my style. I was so used to be being oppressed in my fashion choices (i.e. getting cackled at, and pointed at) and I found a strange group of people that helped me to stop worrying about other people in the face of self expression.

I am not going to dive into the deep end of cliches here, but since then I have had no restraints on my fashion choices. I decided to break up with Amarillo and move to Brooklyn to study fashion. I met Luxor Tavella the other day at her vintage store and she told me that I was wasting my time studying fashion in New York and that I needed to study in Denmark (with her creepily wonderful voice and dauntingly beautiful facial paintings) at least ten times. The 
wasting my time bit" has been haunting me since she said that. So Luxor, I plan to move there eventually.

My style has a dash of progressivism, western wear, darkness, brightness, Elizabethan wear, eighties technology, and a mish mash of prints.   I am constantly trying to find the balance between minimalism and the outlandish; I can never make up my mind.  So I decided to start this blog to explore the constant contrasts of outlandishism (totally not a word) and minimalism. But also to do the other fashion-y blog stuff- talk about designers, etc.

 OWCD is a disorder that drug companies made up (unless I am mislead by the internet, which I often am) to make money. I probably have it as does any normal human being. Similarly fashion shouldn't be about bullshitting some collection to make money. Not similarly, it should be about thinking conceptually to develop a piece of art.

Thats all.