Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seizuring for Twentyten

Glad I could be a part of the twentytens monumental third collection. Seizing my way through the kinetic soft looks- a good progression from last season's sharpness. However, it's still as tough as the nails of seasons past.

Friday, February 5, 2010

all the phenomena of the universe

are leaves and twigs and branches of a connected whole.IMG_2158IMG_2160IMG_2172IMG_2173IMG_2179 Atalanta Weller for House of Holland wedges- I eventually caved, thats a common shoe theme for me it seems like. They're a perfect wedge shape and the python detailing makes them a step up from any old regular wedge mary-jane. Also, a headdress I've been not-so diligently working on. - Leda and the Swan

For behold the kingdom of heaven is within you

On the verge of leaving the darkness. Found this forgotten dress in my closet the other day, funny- I wore this dress to a 20's costume party about a year ago and got shot for a street style blog- I told them my favorite store was Seven and one of the comments was something around the lines of ' too costumey, hideous, you give Seven a bad name' Thats one of the only negative comments that has stuck. IMG_2198IMG_2200IMG_2201IMG_2225

Plastic Surgery Part II

Did a tiny shoot with friends the other week- and I couldn't move past plastic surgery make up. I love making morbid things look so cheery. IMG_2153