Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rated PG

IMG_2136IMG_2147IMG_2137IMG_2148IMG_2138IMG_2149Coyote Pelt from Glacier Wear ( the most AMAZING site that I have ever been to, you can purchase ENTIRE wolf pelts, lynx, bobcat and you can even choose the size of your animal or if you want paws and claws attached- reasonable prices too- I'm wearing the Montana Coyote), twentyten nail skirt harness, and Rapheal Young futuristic frankenstein shoes (my newest child). Remotely reminds me of the Barbarella costumes-futuristic yet hints of the past. And since when is celestial sex rated PG?

you can only open an invisible wall with an invisible key

Somewhat obsessed with the headwear of the middle ages not only in its rigidity and restraint but in it's pure fantastical nature. I've also been somewhat researching the pony subculture and the restraint as well as submissiveness of the gags and masks echoes the up tightness of the head dresses of the middle ages. Weird combo, maybe it's just that the Middle Ages has the best clothing... from Auguste Racinet Picture 28, pony girl. Grandesdames.JPG

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I close my eyes, and I drift away into the magic night

christian_34christian_18christian_28christian_19christian_41christian_43 blue velvet movie Pictures, Images and Photos Christian Joy costumes for Block Magazine and my obsession with Blue Velvet.

Friday, January 8, 2010

This Is Not a Pipe

I hadn't posted a good picture of the brilliance of the Gareth Pugh jacket yet, and I wanted to capture the simplicity and yet complexity of the pattern. The back is perhaps my favorite element with the triangle vent and princess seam along with the lamenated cotton material that feels perhaps just as lucious as leather. My styling is in the same spirit of the surrealist master Magritte- his exploration of identity and things appearing one way but being another. Plastic surgery make-up marking, and 'feathers'=margritte modern tribal deliciousness. IMG_2122IMG_2125IMG_2127IMG_2123IMG_2134

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tron Tasm

I've been living in a Tron fantasy for a few weeks in addition to my usual apocalypse one, and when I found this Egyptian ancient astronaut esque KTZ dress I couldn't resist. It's lacking the flourescent extravaganza of Tron, but it has all of the fake controls and buttons that I could ever hope for. I watched this history channel documentary about ancient aliens and perhaps their influence on ancient cultures and the high contrast of the supposed alien spacecraft technology with two dimensional artwork of Egyptian, Sumerian, and Mayan cultures is such a delicious mix and reminds me of this dress. I also feel like I'm in Giger painting. SO many good things in one dress. I also found this AMAZING Victorian chainmail purse, that I'm wearing as a necklace and my new weasel/fox/mink (?- I'm not sure it's too big to be a mink and has too many fine hairs to be a fox) friend that is grotesquely wonderful. I'm also wearing my goathair Nicholas Kirkwoods. I'm slowly moving towards pastels (too hard)- and my lavender lipstick is a nice step.IMG_2082IMG_2103IMG_2080IMG_2094IMG_2104 Alien, Giger