Friday, October 24, 2008

Taxidermy tastic.

My friend Will turned me onto Julia Deville and her collection Disce Mori (learn to die). Old news to most. I am always into the disgusting and I have a bit of a crush on Taxidermy, so when I heard that there was a jewelry collection that incorporated already dead animals, I fell in love. Sort of animal friendly? The pieces represent a sort of grotesque obsession with accepting death and the celebration of such. These pieces would go well with lots of black textured layered mess of an outfit or they would go well mixed in with lots of junk trinkets . But good luck finding these pieces as they are only sold in New Zealand, Australia, and France and most of the more conceptual pieces are on exhibition. 

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i heart toyko said...

Hey, I've seen some of those jewellery pieces in melbourne and sydney but I didn't know who the designer was until now so thanks! If your interested there's another Australian jeweller that's interesting is Toby Jones