Saturday, October 25, 2008

Complex Geometries

Complex Geometries founder Clayton Evans from Montreal knows a few things about not watering down conceptualism for wearability. They use rectangular and non-organic shapes to create clothing that in turn creates new shapes and silhouttes on the human form. What I especially like about this collection is the many different ways that you manipulate each piece into your outfit. I recently purchased a Complex Geometrics dress and it has a certain layerability and yet I can wear it on its on and I don't feel like I am wearing just a simple outfit. (I.e. complex). The current collection is available at Oak for a reasonable price and if you can find something thats not sold out, on the Complex Geometries website.

Complex Geometries Dress, American Apparel tights, Justin Roper boots, Nasty Gal Vintage Sunglasses

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