Saturday, June 13, 2009

Armor, Pris, KO, and Gareth

Friday I was going to go to Ruff Club, but I couldn't find anyone to go with. My outfit was super trashy. I've been working on this earring for the past couple of weeks, I can't say that I just fashioned it one day because it's been an accumulation of inspirations and adaptations. I'm really inspired by the idea of armor as jewelry and this woman came into Seven wearing an earring that was long strings of chain (she was also wearing thigh high Rick Owens boots). I immediately went home and fashioned an earring that was a foot long of chains. I added hair because I had some leftover weave from a photo shoot (randomly, and luckily) and I wore it this way for a week or so. Only recently did I realize that by wrapping it around my ear I could eliminate the pain of getting it caught on things and not realizing it (more painful in the fact that I imagine it ripping through my earlobe) as well as the pain of gravity. I really like it wrapped around my ear regardless because it reminds me of a peircing a punk kid would do to be scene and tortured and it reminds me of armor or some sort of decoration that a warrior girl would wear living on the streets: a sort of thrown together embellishment of trash found. I especially look like one with my new undercut (don't worry I still have the bowl). I always only wear one earring because asymmetry adds a level of mystery and interest in an outfit. I'm also wearing KO nail polish. Christian Joy's friend designs and makes the colors and its amazing. I bought the black today, and it dries absolutely matte- no shiny nonesense. So dramatic and agressive and fabulous. Christian says that the Liberty blue looks amazing with a red lip.
I also really want one of these "goth" rings It's for the warrior girl of the future that is trying to survive. AKA Pris from Blade Runner. Dan's Jeweler's rings.

- I reallllly want this one.

Today I went scouting for Style Like U uptown at Barney's and Bergdorf's. (Will, you would have died with the shoe sale, overflowing Balenciagas) and I wore Gareth head-to-toe.

Searching for cash at Bendel's for the KO nail polish.
Gareth Pugh sweater dress and shoes. AA tights.


Amanda said...

SUCH a dope outfit. all about the b/w contrast outfit these days...thx for the reminder about KO. been meaning to drop by and pick some up too.

william said...

Forget the shoe sale, I'd have died seeing you in all your gareth! I keep thinking when I get back when I get back..

yves said...

effin' fierce!!
effortlessly carried ;)

Alice said...

I've just found your blog and am really inspired by your posts. I covet your entire wardrobe to death
Alice xx/

Sophia said...

those gareth pugh shoes are ahhmazing. i was able to find them on sale on Seven, but of course, sold out..wahhh.

Dane said...

I love the shoes I have been fiending for them since they came out, your legs look miles long.. Your blog is pretty rad where have you been all your life? Im definitely adding you to my roll.

Michelle Park said...

Oh my goodness!! You look amazing!! I am so freaking jealous of you Gareth Pugh outfit. I found out about your blog from my friend Emily Hale. I love it so far!

Check mine out!

30 Doradus said...

oh my god that jewelerry its amazing!

Gina Mueller said...

Great jewelry find. You might also like this jewelry

Raji said...

Loveeee the earinggg
Looks amazinggg

L.Luna said...

You look amazing! I love you blog!!

Apple said...

Wow...i just found out your blog, no doubt you are between the most amazing dressers of the net!
There are just a few bloggers that to me are as inspiring as you, so thank you!!!!!
This will definitely become one of my daily stops.

Apple Juice

Izumihiiiflower said...

nice earings <3
i put many thinks on my ears too ^^