Thursday, June 18, 2009

Whitney Musuem Herve L. Overkill

So Jeffrey and I made a short appearance at the Whitney Musuem in the below outfits with girls in terribly tacky BCBG dresses and other "Manhattanite" type fare. You can imagine the looks of disgust oozing from their well kept pores. We quickly escaped to the Mercer Hotel/Sub-Mercer.


william said...

Love his outfit; so simple, but each piece is really special.

alex said...

always too good

JJ said...

thanks for specifying that they were BCBG and NOT herve O_O

btw honey what jacket were you wearing? it's lovely

Chad said...

You two look great!!!

yves said...

your "casual" beach outfit is just revolutionary!

F u don't mind, I'd like to feature that look on my "HARD-CORE HIP" feature publishing tomorrow (20th of June)


elizabeth said...

I'm wearing this cape/vest/jacket thing that I found at Beacon's closet (for like twelve dollars!), and a Complex Geometries dress layered over a Zara dress. I completely forgot to specify.

yves said...

Owhh!! Really HUUUGE thanks.

You're blog is just EXCEPTIONAL. And i really mean it. Once in a blue moon I discover a lass like you.

Fashion love lots! The trend issue has been published already btw

Natalie said...

Holy, you have the sickest hair do! I love it! :)

You guys make a fashionable duo.

x Natalie

Shay said...

found you via the Supermelon. Think I'm in love. Great stuff!!