Saturday, May 30, 2009

Dear Miriam,

You looked really good in the Hunger blood drenched and super cunty

You kind of out shined David Bowie, because you looked polished, and posh but with a hint of dark gothicism and eighties angst.
If you escape from the coffin that Dr. Whatsherface Susan Surandan put you in, I think you should wear these:
Haider Ackermann Deliciousness

Natalia Brilli Leather Necklace, I especially like the aesthetic of the matte black in this necklace. It's unapproachable and quite menacing, relatable to you Miriam.

Armor Venue Gloves


Fabulous Finds Gal said...

Dear Miriam,
Love the necklace.

STARDUST said...

howdy!! here i am. sitting i my bed (fourth day)and sick, like in sick so i cant get out of bed. Ive been looking threw styleblogs and im seriously gonna puke any minute now. of boredom...UNTIL i saw your blog and i seriously got so inspired i almost feel well again. great style. like...for real great style.
M, in copenhagen