Thursday, April 28, 2011


orig_tn_photo-1199-839971That pic is from last summer for a shoot for the Style Like U book.. Total witch. Totally miss that hair color! I'm like major procrastinating my like eight papers that I have to write in Abnormal Psychology right now. I went to see a witch doctor today ( she doesn't call herself that, but it's basically what she is). She moved the clogged energy in my body around- namely in my first chakra ( which is the chakra of stability, income and home) and my throat chakra- which many psychics have told me is blocked. I can literally still feel the tingling in my throat still. She said she tried to open up the flow of my intuition with my vocalization. It's almost painful how vibrantly different my body feels. I feel like I let go of so much stagnant energy today, and I literally feel the happiest that I've felt in a really long time. I've been reading a lot of Eastern philosophy lately- because I need a bit of a break from the precision of Western occultism as well as a period of introspection of myself. I've sort of been teaching myselfthe process of resignation to the universe and the satisfaction in letting go. The reason that my First Chakra is blocked is because I've felt for so long that I don't have anything or anyone- a bit lost especially after periods of loss and delusions of dependency. But i've been re-teaching myself, that I AM alone. That we ARE all alone- but that stability can be found within this. All we have is our soul and that is a smaller part of the greater whole of the harmony of existence. We can't ever lose ourselves to the illusions of material attachments because we forget the reality of our only honest attachment with ourselves.... Anyway. I'm obsessed with my Mark Fast dress. It's sort of the only thing that makes me happy. I wear it like to every outting, and it's pretty much the sluttiest, ugliest thing that I own. I think I'm so in love with it because I could never ever fathom how a. someone could even imagine this dress into existence and b. how it could even be made into existence. Ugh and I miss that hair color too... Pic is from Didn't realize how fun it is to google image search Bernini? 39_dsc0738


Anonymous said...

It's SO good that you're back.

Anyway love your ever changing hair colours and your outfits are just too good.

nicki said...

I want to see your witch doctor! Wonder blog by the way. I'm very interested in your studies as well! Where are you studying abnormal psychology? That sounds fascinating!

Anonymous said...

i am a fellow soul searching brooklynite who would love to get your doctor's info or even just how to go about finding someone like her

lex c

Jamie Marie said...

omg lizzy we're in the same boat floating down toward the ice castle and the drawbridge is lowering. love you. -jme