Sunday, May 15, 2011

Superficial Space Cadet

Ugh hate the dilemma of summer looks... winter is so much easier.. I decided, however, (probably when I was procrastinating finals... ) that my summer look needs to be so totally clueless, but with scary twists and in a mostly pastel and holgraphic color pallette.. Its a specific look. Cutsie pop meets spaceship meets 90's versace ads meets the usual occult/metal twist. How better to debut my new look than in a trusty Gareth Pugh dress. I'm OBSESSED with this dress. It's like my dream dress ( besides every dress in his spring 2009 collection..). I don't really have words to describe the dress, it sort of speaks for itself. I don't think Gareth intended for it to be worn in the sense that I'm wearing it now but I think that it fits, and I'm surprised that I can take a Gareth Pugh dress out of context. I wore it to my friend JJ's house party last night and I was literally a disco ball. I imagine Cher would have worn it to a house party too... I wore it with the jacket that I made, thigh high socks, and my roommates awesome amazing grey holographic docs which I want to steal... IMG_2662IMG_2671IMG_2668Picture 275IMG_2669Also did this shoot a while back for Ponystep magazine's first issue- it was a Gareth Pugh archive shoot... which is literally my dream existence... The first pic is of the dress they were going to shoot me in first (obsessed with that dress for all time) and then the other pic is the dress they choose that was in the magazine...Picture 277Picture 276 Picture 278 Everybody is clueless about everything..


Anonymous said...

that dressssss!!!

Deanne said...

i was thinking glamorous cheese grater, in the best way possible. ahhhhh love the way you wear.