Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I'm Cloudbusting

Christian Joy's and Jason's new line of tribal printed hand made tees, tanks and dresses from the exhibit last Thursday.
And a sampling of the new shipment of Romain Kremer (the love of my life, second to Gareth), at Seven.
Foam armor (total Tron fantasy)
Deconstructed harness tee
I love the idea of tribal futurism because to me it's an exploration of the concept of positive and negative space and the subsequent symmetry, which I have been trying to experiment with in my outfits the past few weeks.
These pieces fit the requirements; I just need to break out of wearing all black first.


Amanda said...

i really have to make a trip to Seven..it's been too long! christian joy's pieces are awesome! i ended up going to the block party thing so i didn't make it that night.

Fabi Pina said...

wonderful tees!

you have great taste


Becca Jane said...

love the prints - they are so amazing!