Friday, August 28, 2009

And Also

Picture 21

I hate things that look clean and pretty and finished. It's come to that.


I've gotten a few inquiries; if anyone wants me to make an earring for their intergalactic pleasure let me know. I have plenty of weave and leather and chain to go around for a fun little price. It costs about thirty-forty dollars to make + my labors of love+ the time travel costs of shipment to 2009.


Sophia and Mary said...

i too despise the clean and neat. my naturally messy sewing and cutting manner has made it hard to feel other wise

and i would absolutely love to order one of your gorgeous ear chair creations! you can email me at somiwa at gmail to further discuss

e rega said...

haha, I love clean and finished, pretty I'm not so sure's a dirty word in my department. though my studio...not so clean.

Tia said...

hello, i saw you at the damir doma presentation in new york, and have wondered about your earring since. i would love to have one shipped here to korea. please contact me at tia.kise on the g-shemail.