Sunday, February 1, 2009


So I guess I am still obsessing over the House of Holland SS08 collection, because I bought the shoes by Atalanta Weller for HOH at Seven. They have a eighties aura, but still have the dash of modernism taken to the extreme. They are stupid hard to walk in, super heavy, and when you sort of trip you just go all the way down. Not for the faint at ankles. I already broke one of the straps, and the sole is coming up from one night of wearing, but I'm not too upset at the quality because they are truly beautiful platforms.
I'm finally ready to go to the moon.
I wore this out to a birthday party in Williamsburg. I felt like a sculpture.

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elizabeth said...

i loove the shoes.

you can see my pink galloshes in the background!!!


sorry it's a lame comment.