Monday, April 27, 2009

Black Lips

I recently modelled for Will, in the Pratt fashion show. His dress was truly the best one between you and me. We decided to go YSL with black lips and we were originally going to rock my bowl cut, but a combination of my laziness and lack of motivation to straighten my hair we went for the bed-head YSL look.
This is pre-show, I've been working on this top it's safety pin embellished. It looks cool as a collar detail, but in truth I just ran out of safety pins.... There's about 300 on me there. I completely cut out the back of the shirt and I love how it drapes over my shoulder.
And of course, Will's (avante garde meets anarchy) amazing wonderful cut-out dress. It's so clean and sleek, but has the right bitchy edge with the zipper seams. I really wanted to steal it....
Speaking of modelling jobs, I did this Guilty Pleasure shoot where we had to name our guilty pleasure in mug-shot style. I'm sure I'll loose readership, but I'm addicted to Gossip Girl as cheesy and mindless as it is. I made the dress. It was an H&M top that my roommate gave me, but I slashed it and added some shoulder pads that I made. (I stole the idea from a Hannah Marshall dress, which I was most unsatisfied at the price).


Cruz said...

Love the black lips! Great safety pin idea and dress too!

Lauren said...


x x x

william said...

Shit, I didn't know that Danielle's shirt was H&M. You always manage to find the best pieces from there!

Anonymous said...

Keep on going with the safety's looking Amazing.

Natalie said...

I can't get over your amazingly unique sense of style. I love the last picture. The shoulder pads, the black lipstick -- aah everything!

x Natalie

Izumihiiiflower said...

in france, if you wearing this type or dress or short skirt and Garters, you been called a bitch