Sunday, October 25, 2009


So I realize that I've been a bit of an epic fail on being a consistent blogger. Midterms have really been fucking me up.
Let's glimpse:

But fortunately, my new lover- THE Jean Pierre Braganza jacket of all Jean Pierre Braganza jackets has really been emotional support. I love the three dimensional quality of the jacket- how the front looks pieced on and the back has flaps that move with your shoulder blades. And the shoulders are angular perfection. IN places it's starting to scale, which is a much needed contrast to the the clean perforation and lines of the jacket. I'm wearing them with my Home Depot Paint Color Card House of Holland tights, Opening Ceremony dress, and Emma Cook boots that I never wear because they were obviously replaced by more favorable black and white platforms...

And for those of you that asked to see my tattoos:
1. This is the golden ratio in continued fraction form; the universe is connected.
2. This is from a Roy Lichtenstein painting- I'm a fan.

It's me, it's you, it's everything.


william said...

Love the HoH tights with the emma cooks.

Anonymous said...

your tats are great. thanks for sharing. my working place looks nearly as chaotic as yours :)

Style Scanner said...

Oh dear, I do sympathize wih the first pic... The Jean Pierre Braganza jacket is incredible though.

Anonymous said...

Really good tights. I love those white Emma Cooks - I have black mesh ones. No worries about slow blogging. Mine suffers on and off too.

Teresa said...

OMG, the jacket is gorgeous. A piece of architectural art. I love it! eespecially with the House of Holland tights.

dy of ghost said...


mardijane said...

roy lichtenstein is the stuff.

your tattoos are awesome, i love it when people get something that is simple, meaningful but not too serious and something that they actually like instead of butterflies and tramp stamps. (sorry my immature friends have been getting into the tattoo craze lately and i have a lot to say about it, don't get me wrong i really like them, but only in good taste.)

mardi out.

Genevieve said...

What is that chart?
More information,
You are teasing us
with those blurry photos!
Next time...

indie said...

Mega envious over the jacket! Love love love your blog btw :)

doherty said...

Love your blog, love your own personnal style !