Monday, March 30, 2009

Slice Me Nice

I've been having a bit of a romance with cut-outs lately. Maybe its my love of Will's fashion society dress, or maybe its Preen's new collection or maybe its the nipple reveal at Pugh AW09, but I can't stop making slits in things. And yes I realize that American Apparel is ripping people off with slit leggings.
Shirt 1
Polka Dot Cut
House of Holland for Levi inspired, I wore this to a party last weekend. I love how the circles look on my shoulders. MMMM.
Shirt 2
This one is Gareth Pugh inspired. I made this double sided. The first picture is a spine with rib cage abstraction, and the second is a crop with different sized strips stretched to look like tubes. I wore this to a metal show in Amarillo. The hood is Levi. Will and I are a little obsessed with dead animals. Hip hip hooray for coyote faces.
These tights are Gareth inspired. I just ripped the hell out of them. It's actually quite fun to make runners, it just takes a while to get them to complete shreds. They look delicious though. I think with soo many rips they are no longer grunge, but take on an entirely different entity.
I did this in a few minutes before this photo shoot I did with my friend Jam. They look like shark gills.
I'm really bad at keeping on subject but here are some more shots of our trashy delicious styling:

I think the shift towards cut-outs, for me, is an answer to the over kill of structure. Similar to the sex-theme fashion, the idea of the absence of fabric to show the body as oppose to distort it is very alluring. I know that structuralism will be around for a while, but this shift towards skin and the body is a nice break.


Anonymous said...

wow just wow.

Queen Of Russia said...

This is super wild, lady!

I'm loving your blog...great unique style.

Cool stuff!