Saturday, December 27, 2008

Apathy Please.

I'm really into Visbol De Arce's SS09 collection. There's a certain air of non human- which I have been somewhat thinking about as the SS09 season approaches. The non-human sensibility is a really quite interesting thought. Its as if the clothes take away the empathetic qualities of the wearer from the viewer persepective, which is an exciting aesthetic to have. The passion/ theatrics/ drama is over in my book; I'm interested in apathy. The face masks play a large role in this, and hopefully the mask isn't simply a showpiece because it would add interesting depth to all outfits. It channels MMM's sci fi shade's idea but in a more intense and effective way of mystery. The sharp points of the collection (my favorites being the points in the shoulder and in pointed accents here and there, such as on the edge of a sleeve) also compliment the masks as well as the uneasy feeling. My absolute favorite thing is the puffed shoulder leotard. It would look fantastic alone with some tights and serious platforms, or it would look fantastic with hot shorts or some sort of dress that could ease around the shoulders. Its on my spring wish list. You can purchase some of their stuff, but not yet their SS09 collection yet at Styleserver.

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nina said...

OMG i love this look the black one, do you have a catalog you could send me, at, i would like to purchase one of them for an upcoming film project that i am producing